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Health, Comfort, Durability


  • Zero Energy Home Design and Construction

  • Passive House (CPHB)

  • Deep Energy Retrofits 

  • Historic Restoration and Preservation

  • Remodeling

  • Timberframe

  • Carbon Capture

  • Permaculture and Natural Building

  • National and International Service




Since 1982

Daystar Builders has worked in partnership with clients to achieve the best outcomes placing emphasis on energy efficiency, environmental design and long term sustainability in the built environment



Design Build

With many decades of experience, we can help you design and build your home or addition through an iterative process using 3D modeling.  As both designers and builders we are afforded a unique perspective when helping to determine priorities and strike a balance between cost, performance and aesthetics.

Historic Preservation

Our region is blessed with a living history present in the old buildings that are still standing around us, barns, churches, factories, and houses among them. By performing regular maintenance along with critical repairs, and the occasional update we take great satisfaction in working to preserve this part of our heritage for generations to come.


When its time, its time.  Some say that life is change. Often our spaces must change with us. Whether it is turning one bedroom into two, eliminating a wall, adding a dormer or a second floor, improving accessibility or simply re-imagining your kitchen or bathroom, we are here to help you make your space work for you. 

 Energy Retrofits

Lets stop heating the outdoors!  Energy retrofits serve us and the planet by reducing resource consumption, keeping the air we condition inside our spaces and dollars in our pockets. Through careful analysis, coupled with the use of thermal imaging and a blower door test we can help you determine the best way to invest in improving building performance for health, comfort and lower costs.



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Jason Paul

Henniker, N.H.

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